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We are reorganizing the Boys’ U13 & U15 age group for 2018.


We will be fielding teams in the following format:

U13 Teams

U13 A team (5th & 6th Grade combined)

U13 B team (5th & 6th Grade combined)


U15 Teams

U15 A Team (7th & 8th Grades combined)

U15 B Team (7th & 8th Grades combined)


The A teams will play on Saturdays and the B teams will play on Sundays.    The placement will be determined by the coaches at the respective age groups. There will be constant reassessment to reflect changes in player development, improvement, effort, and learning.  There will be some swing players who play with both the A team and the B team.


There will be 2 practices per week per age groups with A & B teams practicing together one night and separately the other (though same night and same venue).