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Registration is now open for the Spring 2021 lacrosse season.



Due to the uncertainty of Covid and state regulation the details of the season are not currently available.  We do expect to play this season we are just uncertain of when the games will start and how many games we will have.  Details will be made available ASAP.


Please register to indicate interest and so we can communicate with you as schedules are finalized.   Feel free not to pay if you wish.  Refunds will be made if necessary.



Program Overview

Dates & Schedule
  Games traditionally start early April and run through early June.  We have 8 games (4 home 4 away).  Games are Sunday afternoons.

Practices are 1 time per week for grades 1 - 4, and 2 times per week for grades 5 - 8 .  Practices are held Monday through Friday from 5:30 to 7:00.

Team Structure
The boys play in the Spring Township Lacrosse League (STL) from grades 3 throuth 8.  The girls play for Founders Girls y Girls Lacrosse League for girls (FGLL)  grades 3-8.    Age groupings are by grade and encompass 2 grades and are grouped:  U9 =1st & 2nd Grades, U11 = 3rd & 4th Grades, U 13 = 5th & 6th Grades, U15 = 7th & 8th Grades.

Boys & Girls U9 (1st & 2nd Grade)
This age group will play once per week on Saturdays mornings. Cost is $65


$150 for first participant in a family, $100 for second participant, $85 for 3rd, free thereafter (excludes U9s).   U9s are a flat $65.

All participants must be members of US Lacrosse which costs and additional $25 per participant.  

All players must provide their own equipment.

Boys: Stick, Gloves, Helmet, Shoulder pads, Arm pads
Girls:  Stick,  Goggles, Gloves (optional)