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ORYLAX Parents Rules
Players Code Of Conduct
Please review the player’s code of conduct with your child. Make sure it is understood and help reinforce his or her compliance with it.
Parent’s Code of Conduct
Show respect to ORYLAX Coaches
Show Respect to Officials
Show Respect to Opposing players and Coaches
Lack of Compliance with the Code of Conduct by players or parents can result in suspension or expulsion from the program with no refund
Please show up to games 30 minutes before the start
Please show up to practice on time
If you cannot make a game, please inform your coach
We will communicate with parents via automated phone messaging and e-mail for schedule changes (weather etc.); please make sure ORYLAX has your preferred e-mail and telephone number for this communication.
Check our website frequently, especially the day of a game
Sideline Communication
We ask that no parent associated with ORYLAX direct comments or criticisms toward the referees or opposing players and coaches.
The league requires that parents stand on the opposite side of the field from the teams’ benches. This will be enforced.
Please don’t “coach from the sidelines”. Please cheer and offer support but don’t yell instructions or advice from the sidelines (it can confuse the player and undermine the coach).