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Players Rules
Show Respect to Your Coaches - When a coach is speaking, players are to make eye contact with the coach. This is true whether the coach is speaking to groups or to an individual. Never speak when a coach is speaking. No talking back to a coach.
Show Respect to the Officials - Never direct comments to referees
Show Respect to Opposing Players – No “trash talking”, no dirty play
No Overly Aggressive Play – No “cheap-shots”, no fighting
Be a Good Teammate - be positive and supportive, no criticism of or yelling at a teammate
No Bullying
No profanity - Swearing will not be tolerated and will result in warning and subsequent expulsion from practice or the game.
How you speak and act is a reflection on not only yourself, but also your family, your team, your program, and your community.   Please conduct yourself with this in mind.
During lacrosse practices and games, players are to concentrate on lacrosse. Other activities and conversations will be re-directed by the coaches.
Please show up to practice on time
Please show up to games on time (as determined by coaches)
Appropriate protective equipment is mandatory for participation.